About Our Founder

My name is Malik and I’m a retired professional MMA fighter (5-1) and now a full time MMA trainer. I was born and raised right here in Riverside. Martial arts has been my passion since I was 5 years old. I was in Karate until age 16, Boxing from 16-18 years old, and Mixed Martial Arts from 18-24 years old. I have been training clients since 2013, and my business has continued to grow every year. I offer MMA personal training sessions for all ages and fitness levels in a fun and family friendly style.

About Us

MMA PERSONAL TRAINING is the kind of facility with the culture I always envisioned. I train everyone of all skill levels. From the Camo MMA State Champion, to the busy parent who needs to get in shape, or the person who just wants to learn some new skills while reaching your fitness goals. Our sessions are based on a 1-on-1 training system. Whatever your goals are, whatever your starting point is, we can make sure you get maximum results every time. Come try a free session today (limited availability) :muscle:🥷 see you at our gym.

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